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About ‘photogrill’

Why is the term ‘hacker’ reserved for computer programmers? Photographers have been affectionately known as hacks for decades. Which in one sense seems appropriate, because special assignments often require special hacks. At photogrill we learn about photographer’s special hacks. From equipment hacks, to setup and lighting hacks, to favourite locations, to working with difficult subjects or in difficult environments. Even hacking into an assignment brief. In short, photogrill is a chance to check out some great photography and ask the photographers how they did it.


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51 Responses to “About Photogrill”

  1. Well I suggest that Coinneach Shanks at Psychotherapy in Dublin http://coinneachshanks.blogspot.com

    But since he’s a shrink, you may well find yourself grilled instead. =;)

  2. Peter Phun says:

    Hello Craig,
    I’m sure you’re busy and as you said have a backlog of grills to run.

    I would appreciate it if you look over my website as well.




    • csillitoe says:

      I am and I do Peter. But your site does look good so I’m happy you’ve told me about it here, thanks. You’d be more than welcome to tell us the story of your photos on Photogrill Facebook

  3. Tim Daniels says:

    Hi Craig,

    I am a freelance photographer/writer who has only recently made the move to doing this full-time. I prefer to use a variety of software and computer processes to produce my photos, so I think I have some ‘unique’ photographs. Anyway, I would love to talk about any of them if you think they are worthy.



  4. Graham Keogh says:


    My name is Graham Keogh, I am a music photographer for Hot Press magazine in Ireland and as part of my task I get to have my ears pummelled by really loud bands, sonically of course!

    I would love to be ‘grilled’ if you think any of my shots are worthy.

    Keep up the great work



  5. Hi, my website is finally done, I am a young photographer, I have started last year when I was traveling a lot.
    If you like some of my photographs, I will be glad to be grilled!

    Best Regards

    Mathieu Faria-Fernandes

  6. Hello, I am Mario Gutiérrez, a 16 years old landscape and objects Photographer from Spain, and I’d love to see any of my works displayed here. I’ve been doing photography since some years ago, but I’ve been only 8 months using DSLR cameras.

    My works can be checked on my page:


    • csillitoe says:

      Mario you have some really nice images there, congratulations. An email is on its way to you my friend.

  7. Rob Andrew says:

    Would love to be grilled on any and all from my portfolio-

  8. Hey PhotoGrill,

    I am Creative Director @ ArtStar.com. We represent some amazing photographers who would love to share their secrets and spill all to your loyal fans.

    I recommend:
    Stefen Chow:http://www.artstar.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=stefen+chow http://www.stefenchow.com/

    Noel Kerns:http://www.artstar.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=kerns

    Katherine Newbegin:http://www.artstar.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=katherine+newbegin

    Contact me rich@artstar.com. ArtStar collaborates with artists from around the world to make affordable limited edition prints of artists work. We create opportunities for artists and collectors.


  9. Jeff Dojillo says:

    I would love to share my work with you. please feel free to visit http://www.jeffdojillo.com if you feel it would be fit to be grilled I would be more than happy to answer questions.


  10. shavonne says:

    have a look at some of my work here (:


  11. Jason Baxter says:

    Comemrcial photographer based in the Scottish Borders & author of ‘Edinburgh – A New Perspective’, a documentary throughout a year of cityscapes & landscapes of Scotlands capital on the panoramic format; (book is also used a the civic gift handed out to all VIP’s coming to the capital by the Lord Provost) also repsonsible for large scale murals in three of UK’s airports. So not a bad acheivement!.
    Happy to be grilled! 🙂

  12. Brian says:

    Hi Craig,
    Could you give a summary of the set up, lighting etc for the ‘ala sex in the city’ shot from miss louise shoe store in melbourne?


    • csillitoe says:

      Thanks for the question Brian. I have a backlog of grills to run, so rather than making you wait why don’t I answer your question briefly here…

      Miss Louise photo shoot
      We were after an image of a glamorous woman on a shopping spree, art directed by the Sunday Age newspapers fashion editor Rachel Wells. We wanted the model surrounded by shoes and we wanted to feature the shoes she was trying on, so it would be easier to make a sitting pose. That allowed me to place boxes of half opened shoes around her to add to the story. Since the scene is very busy by design, I used lighting to add emphasis and guide the viewers eye around the image. The first things we see in pictures are those that are brightest (or strong colour, contrast etc). I placed a softbox below the camera to emphasise the shoes and legs first, I angled it to get some reflection from the glam looking stool legs to the right. The intesity of light drops off toward the dress, the models face and the shoes on the floor. Then the background is entirely lit by tungsten room light. A warming gel was used on the softbox so it wouldn’t be too different to the room light.

      I hope that answers it Brian, thanks for your question.

  13. Paul Freeney says:

    My Street photography is becoming very popular, having given some talks and workshops on the subject, partly because of this image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sebfotos/3364248902/in/set-72157607799731855
    I would be happy to be ‘grilled’ on the subject if the powers that be so desire.
    Keep up the good work.

  14. Jennifer Teo says:

    I am a Singapore-based travel photographer.

    My this Flickr photostream is created specially just for my ever ongoing captured Black & White Street Images, attempting to provide a detailed record of street cultures and catch a different essence of the human experience.

    Black & White are the colors of photography. To me, they symbolise the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected.

    I look forward to hear any good news from you regarding the ‘grilling’. Thank you very much in advance.

  15. Hi!
    Responding to the tweet @photogrill. Recently tried my hand on ND10 shots, so feel free to grill this! 🙂


    (set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ihad/sets/72157626589839930/detail/)


    • csillitoe says:

      Alexander, that’s a really lovely shot, thanks so much for posting. I like your wider photostream also. An email is on the way and we’ll see about getting you ‘grilled’.

  16. Joe Morahan says:

    love to talk to you all about a grilling

  17. Bambi Gordon says:

    Wonderful portfolio of work. do you have a fave?
    via twitter

  18. Pixel says:

    Just stumbled upon your work. STUNNING 😀
    via twitter

  19. Devin Boldt says:

    Cool site and thanks for sharing photog’s stories.

  20. Angus Mordant says:

    great site! I’m a photojournalism student at RMIT I’ll have to share the link with the class.
    via twitter

  21. Rob Mercier says:

    LOVE the lighting! RT @photogrill: #Photo from my portfolio. Handmade bootmakers factory. http://j.mp/hveirs http://twitpic.com/4bnf1b
    via twitter

  22. Krucifer says:

    RT @photoslaurent: Great Portfolio on http://www.photogrill.com/raw via @photogrill 🙂
    via twitter

  23. Dana Underwood says:

    @photogrill Thx for follow. Just checked out ur site. Great idea. I always try to dissect tech specs but intentions r much harder.
    via twitter

  24. Greg Shumchenia says:

    @photogrill Amazing site, awesome concept. Love it!
    via twitter

  25. Jeremy Smith says:

    @photogrill WOW your portfolio is quite amazing and extensive! I will have to check it out more tomorrow night when I have more time.
    via twitter

  26. Tim Geist says:

    @photogrill nice blog there!
    via twitter

  27. Jeff Stinson JSPhoto says:

    would love to be on the @photogrill
    via twitter

  28. Ruvin de Silva says:

    one of my favorites. @photogrill
    via twitter

  29. Belkiss Obadia says:

    @photogrill love the work! via twitter

  30. Allex says:

    Hi mate

    this my website: http://www.allex2501.com.

    I would like to participate on your site too

    Best Regards


  31. Greg Goodman says:

    Hi. Let me start by saying that you feature some truly beautiful and inspirational photography here. I’ve been a follower for a while and would love to introduce you to my work.

    Photography, storytelling and travel always have been part of who I am and my Web site, Adventures of a GoodMan, is the magazine of my life.

    Thanks for considering it for inclusion on your site. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Have a great day!

    Kind Regards,
    Greg Goodman

    Photography, Storytelling and Travel, by Greg Goodman

  32. Guy Armitage says:

    Nice to see some great tricks for photography published here! I learned quite a lot in such a short time! I’ll try some out ASAP, keep up the good work!!



  33. Paul Conrad says:

    Hey Craig,

    I’m ready willing and able to be grilled.

    Feel free to go through my work and ask me questions

    Portfolio: http://www.pabloconradphotography.com

    Galleries: http://www.pabloconradphotography.biz

    Thanks and have a great day in Oz.


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