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Feb 23,2011 – It was the last photograph taken of John Lennon. He and Yoko Ono were lying on the floor together in their apartment overlooking Central Park in New York. A cozy, nurturing photo.

Several hours later John was shot and killed on Dec. 8, 1980 by an unbalanced fan.

Photographing John was Annie Leibovitz’s first important assignment from Rolling Stone magazine back in 1970. John never treated Annie like a greenhorn. She said he was honest and cooperative. The photo shoot was the beginning of her journey with a camera into the world of the famous.

Ten years later Annie came back to photograph the rock legend once again.

John, Yoko and Annie were planning to get together the same evening he was shot to go over the transparencies. The meeting never took place. On the way home from a recording session John was murdered.

Annie’s portraits have appeared in Vogue, The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and also in ad campaigns for American Express and The Gap.

On Oct. 19, Swann Galleries, New York, featured the clothed photo version of John and Yoko in its Fine Photographs & Select Photobooks sale. The 12 inch square, signed photograph, sold for $15,600.

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