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Seth Godin wrote in his book Purple Cow that remarkable things will succeed against unremarkable things. Feng shui intimates that beauty can attract good fortune. In the sea of average images that flood our daily lives, it seems to me that iconic images, remarkable images, thoughtful, dramatic images will make more of a psychological impact than the unremarkable image.

Sounds logical right? Well, it has been dreadful out there. There is too much bland content and it is driving me batty. With all that is out there in one’s face every day, the impact of an exceptionally crafted and stylish image hits harder today than it did ten years ago. The reason is simple. We’re inundated in average looking digital imagery all the time, taken by anyone with a heartbeat and a cell phone.

The content is homogeneous and at best carries the quality of high school yearbooks. Culturally speaking, it is de-evolving us as humans who can appreciate art. What’s out there is uninteresting and uninspiring. Drab is probably a better word. The state of images and illustration is so dire that even the images on Getty or Corbis look incredible compared the swamp that is overflowing in our daily lives.

But there is hope. Technology is changing. Technology is creating the opportunity for great iconic imagery, remarkable imagery to have a higher value than it has had since the explosion of the Internet. If you are a marketer this is important. Think about it for a moment. In a sea of average imagery, the well-crafted, original image helps you stand out. But moreover, for a generation of young digi-natives who have grown up with YouTube and blah imagery, it could help you redefine a generation. The thoughtful image, taken by an extraordinary talent, draws the eye and pumps the heat. These kinds of quality images have disappeared over the last 10 years as newspapers and magazines, print ads and outdoor billboards have fallen apart and given way to digital platforms. The digital that replaced them did not support the kind of exceptional imagery that new technology supports.

Now with faster processors and greater powered chips, our technology is giving rise to a new opportunity to redefine the visual world with style revolution that has not been seen since the days of Anna Wintour.

I believe that this will create a new wave for the coolest photography in the world. Because now there is a need for iconic quality photography in short order. It will once again grow in importance, spurred on by new technology such as the HD definition of iPads and tablets.

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