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“I understand I’m there to take pictures” … Annie Liebovitz Photo: Edwina Pickles 

”I don’t sit there and have Kelloggs Corn Flakes with Mick Jagger,” Annie Leibovitz says. ”I understand I’m there to take pictures.” The New York photographer has few illusions about power and celebrity. ”That’s the reason to build your own life. When I was young I lived from assignment to assignment. I was never home. My refrigerator was empty. But at a certain point you start to separate [your lives].” On a 24-hour visit to Sydney, she says many of the photographs in her exhibition, A Photographer’s Life 1990-2005, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, put her in the public domain again. The photographs include images of her children, parents and late partner, the writer Susan Sontag. ”As I was flying, I was thinking, I would never do this again, put my family [in an exhibition].” Leibovitz also recounts how, during a phone call from Buckingham Palace’s press office about her desire to photograph the Queen, she mentioned how much she had enjoyed the Helen Mirren movie The Queen, which covered the aftermath of Diana’s death, when the British monarchy teetered. ”There was a long pause.” The shoot did go ahead, and produced one of the most striking images in the exhibition, which has been extended until April 26.

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