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Making a Macro Focusing Fish-Eye Lens

Photographer Craig Sillitoe made a close focusing fish-eye lens on the spot to photograph bees without losing the city backdrop


PHOTOGRILL: Why did you take this photo?

PHOTOGRAPHER: It’s for a story about Vanessa and Matt’s Honey business. The two have set up hives on rooftops around Melbourne’s central business district. That’s something quite unique so it was important to try to capture that aspect.

PHOTOGRILL: What hacks did you use?

Moon Photo, Super Telephoto With Two Tripods


Craig Sillitoe has been grilled before. His first grilling, Photographing the Shrine of Remembrance contains a short profile. You can vote to grill more of his images at About Photogrill.

PHOTOGRILL: Why did you shoot this photo?

Photographing the Shrine of Remembrance


Craig Sillitoe has been a staff photographer on The Age and Sunday Age newspapers in Melbourne Australia for over 15 years. Currently on The Sunday Age, he says the weekly newspaper provides a wide span of photography challenges, from portraits to studio, products to sport, news & features.

“I often get to spend a bit more time on a shoot for the Sunday paper, fiddling with a set-up or lighting”, he says. “Sometimes I jokingly tell my subjects that there’s a reason I’m on a Sunday paper, it takes me a week to get a shot.”